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As soon as they get home, Mary Anne heads into the kitchen. Dish soap gets out blood better. She's got lather up to her elbows before she says anything to Ruin.

"You want to tell me what that was all about?"
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Ruin strips his jeans off and throws them into the garbage. Hands on his hips, he sighs.

"Just my job. Proved my point to the little twat, didn't I?"
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"If I had been, he never would have challenged me. Thinks he's immortal. He's not."

He hops up onto one of their counters.

"Anyway, he's alive... so no harm done."
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He snorts as well.

"What can she do? We're not really subject to the same punishments as sentients." He shrugs. "She'll yell, stomp her foot, maybe whap me upside the head."

Although Moon yelling wasn't a good thing. Something about it seemed unnatural to Ruin.
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Ruin tosses his head back and growls.

"It was his own stupidity! He rose to the challenge! I didn't make him."
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"I baited Gorlim, too. You seemed to like the outcome of that," he replies with acid in his tone.
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"You would think," he says with a smirk. "He's not dead, he'll have learned something from this, and that's more than he knew before I had at him."
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"Each of us has their own style," he reminds her. "Moon does her thing, I do mine, Sorrow does hers... we all do what we do how we do it."

He slides off the counter and comes over to her, wrapping his arm around her waist.

"It's not that I don't care." Ruin's usual lackadaisical tone and expression fall away, leaving behind the man Cairan. The man Ruin was. "I do. The boy's in a right state. People loving him that he can't love back. It's not fair to anyone. Especially him. If pushing him, baiting him and drawing blood can help it along, then that's what I'll do.

"Because that's what I do. I don't get to be the Good Guy. The pretty, mad chick who laughs and comforts. Or the gorgeous, leggy blonde who doles out advice and hugs. I get to be the asshole. It's a role I play well, one I chose to take on."

Ruin makes no apologies.

Never has.

Never will.
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Neither does Ruin.

Some of his most intense, person work went into Gorlim.

"Want a shower, Legs? Then maybe a tumble into bed?"
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Ruin tugs her along, making his way to their bathroom.

Hot water always makes everything better.
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Ruin's been nekkid since the kitchen.

Still, he does give her an appreciative look up and down.

"It's great that you were at your peak hotness when we made you a card. At least when you pop out the kids, you'll go back to this."
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Ruin comes up behind her and hugs her around the waist.


She knows he'd find her beautiful with or without stretch marks.

He's just being an ass again.

"Get in the damn shower."

Ruin releases her and gives a gentle shove toward the shower.
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He laughs low in his throat as he joins her. His hands travel along her body, moving water over her curves and valleys.

"Most of the time is just fine by me."
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Ruin kisses her throat, nipping lightly as his hands travel forward around her stomach.

"Obedient is only fun when it's a kink, love."