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Mary Anne Bell ([personal profile] song_tra_bong) wrote2007-08-07 12:01 am

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She wakes up when it starts raining. She's still tired, but figures it's nothing a hot meal and some coffee can't fix. And maybe some whiskey in the coffee. It's been one of those days.

She takes the long walk back to the bunker for a number of reasons. To see if it's still there. To see if it's still a way to the bar. To not have to bend the multiverse all the way back.

Also, the walk gives her time to think.

(What are you doing, little girl?

You've always loved getting in the face of people bigger than you, but this is a whole new playing field. He cannot kill you, but he will do his best. And his best is pretty damn good at causing you pain.)

I couldn't back down.

(The fuck you couldn't have! You had plenty of time before he grabbed you again; you could have even tried leaving anyway--just dump him on some backwater sandbox of a world and leave him to find his own fucking way back to the bar. You didn't
have to be stupid where he was concerned.)

But I was.

(But you were.

Now how do you propose fixing it?)

I can't hide from him forever. Even if I was capable of leaving shit alone, he'd manage to find
me soon enough. So I need to be prepared.


I need a way to hurt him.

(That's my girl.)

Mary Anne pulls open the door to the bunker and steps through.