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Six months down, three to go.

Given that most of her normal activities (ex. war, drinking, picking fights) are off-limits, Mary Anne has set up shop in one of the smaller rooms of the castle. It looks like some sort of entertaining-guests-with-tea-and-gossip room; she's made it a reading-the-classics-to-her-child room.

"Sun Tzu said: the good fighters of old first put themselves beyond the possibility of defeat, and then waited for an opportunity of defeating the enemy..."

They say motherhood changes you. Some things never change.

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Coira lets herself into the castle.

After all, Numbers, Zodiac, Tarot... they all come from the same place, so one home is another's.

She's heard the whispers among their kind about Ruin's wife.

(Four hundred and twenty years together barely spent four with me and now--)

Coira lets herself into the tea room-like place and watches Mary Anne through veiled, narrow eyes. There is quite a lot of hatred in her too-blue eyes, and perhaps behind that a shitload of jealousy.

Not that she'd ever admit to that part of it.

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She returns that sharp smile with a vicious one of her own.

"I came to see if the muttering were true. Ruin's whore is bearing him a child after all these years. Did he threaten to finally leave you? Having his child won't keep him close, you know."

Her tone is bitter and acidic, her eyes cold.

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"Actually," Coira says as she slithers into the room, "it took six months for the mutterings to reach my ears."

She glares at Mary Anne's belly.

"First?" She laughs. "As if he will want it, let alone any beyond it."

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"You must be aware how slow immortals are to do anything, Mary Anne," she purrs. "It took you almost half a millennia to nail him down with a child."

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Her eyes flash.

"What is it you're implying, Mary Anne?"

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"How could I have tried to nail down what was already mine?" she asks. "It wasn't fair of him to try and withhold a family from me because he had some stupid notion in his head he'd screw it all up. Though it was a self-fulfilling prophecy. It was ruined because he ruined it!"

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"When? When I was old and it didn't matter and he was young and could move on?" Coira stalks a little closer. "He loved me."

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"Of course I live with the consequences," she hisses. "Everyday. My child and husband gone because he couldn't stand strong!"

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"You think you know him."

Coira laughed as she shook her head.

"He doesn't love you," she insists angrily.

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"He can't love anyone. Even you said so yourself. No card for love in the suit of Swords," she tosses back at Mary Anne. "He's an accomplished liar."

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She watches Mary Anne.


For a long time.

Then she says, "What did you promise him in return for the child?"

Because it made sense to her that Mary Anne would've had to bribe the man she once called husband.

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"Then why is he happy to have a child with you and I had to trick him into having one with me?" she demands viciously, fury red in her eyes.

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"He doesn't want to see me," she says with an annoyed sniff. "Even if he did, he didn't give me answers four hundred years ago... I doubt he'd do it now. But I want to know!"

Coira, in many ways, seems more than a bit childish. One might expect her to stomp her foot and throw a tantrum.

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"I don't need you to be the go-between," she sneers. "You're but a nuisance I keep hoping will disappear."

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She laughs.

"Immortals also know everything is just a matter of time."

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Coira glares at her.

For quite some time.

When she finds she can't locate any words to throw back at her ex-husband's new wife, she turns on her heel and storms out.