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Mary Anne Bell ([personal profile] song_tra_bong) wrote2007-12-26 12:19 am
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gifts and letters

The lady's gift comes in a small jewelery box: a small silver bracelet, evocative of two twined strands of rope, with a delicate charm hanging from it--a crown.

From one queen to another. Long may we reign.

Mary Anne

Darren gets a book; there's a note tucked inside the front cover.

Blood Wedding is one of my favorite plays, so I thought I'd share. Hope you like it.

Mary Anne

Susannah's gift--a set of five grenades--comes in a large shoe box, well cushioned with paper. A note is taped to the lid.

Good hunting.

Mary Anne

Hey, boys,

You know what the only problem is with having immortal and ridiculously wealthy friends? They're impossible to shop for.

So this is to let you guys know I owe you one. You think of something you need or want, let me know. This may not be as exciting to open as a real gift, but I thought you'd enjoy something you actually liked more than just me settling for a fruitcake.

Have a merry Christmas, you two. Be well.

All my love,
Mary Anne

Hey again,

I was only kind of kidding about the whole 'starting a drug war for Christmas' thing. You want me to help raise some hell, you let me know. Merry Christmas.


Mary Anne

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