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Placeholder! Suffice to say that MA has brought Kit in from the bar. They're standing in the entryway like they just came in through the front door. Technically, they did. The house has some rooms up on the second story, but mostly the house goes out rather than up. The rooms are bright and airy.

"Well, here we are. Home sweet home.'

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Marlowe is going to stand here, breeches and loose shirt from 1602, splint on his right hand, bag in the left, and feel...

Distinctly out of place.

"And this is...just for you and your husband?"

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"Four people." He laughs, and rolls a shoulder back. "This is...very nice."

Very big.

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He smiles, sort of.

"I...thank you."

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"Classic Greek, bits thereof."

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Bag is dumped on bed.

"Sure," he says, taking a good look at the ocean.

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He's an actor enough that he manages not to gawk. It's just so...



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Peasant boy, living in a big city in the sixteenth century. Lets leave it at that, shall we?

He laughs, then. "Just some bread is fine."
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Ruin thinks he heard Mary Anne come in, so he pads out from the master bedroom, freshly showered and in a low-slung towel, and heads into the kitchen, talking even before he sees who the occupant is.

"Decided to come home, huh? About time, Legs, 'cause someone's gotta do the cook--"

He stops, staring at the man in his kitchen.

"She brought home a stray," he says to no one in particular.

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"Only a temporary stray. No collar," the decidedly shorter, one-eyed man replies.

He also wishes that his right hand currently wasn't in a splint.
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He looks him over critically.

"How temporary?" he asks, yanking open the fridge and pulling out a pitcher of orange juice.

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"Until the current state of Milliways nightmares-ending-in-grievous-bodily-harm stops, I suppose."
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He snorts.

"Sounds like my sort of thing," he says as he pours a glass. He raises an eyebrow. "And she left you here? With a walking nightmare who tends to cause grievous bodily harm just 'cause he can?" Ruin looks around. "And where the hell did she go?"

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"Maybe she thought we'd play nice. And she scampered to get food."
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"I don't play nice," Ruin says. "Not even with her."

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Marlowe raises his eybrow.

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He downs his glass of juice, putting it in the sink when he's done, and then leans against the counter.

"You fucking her?"

Mild curiosity.

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Ruin was using present tense, after all, and once does not present tense make.
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Ruin laughs.

"I doubt that. I don't think anyone meets Legs and doesn't tumble her at least once."

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"Once does not present tense make."

He's a poet. And a post-grad from Cambridge. Playing at sematics is what he does.
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"Thanks for the clarification," he drawls. "'Cause I was worried about that."

Ruin eyes him.

"Why did she bring you here? It certainly couldn't be time for her to tag out and me to tag in. No offense, but you really aren't my usual type."