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Mary Anne hadn't spent much time at home in Greece, but after last night, she decided it was overdue.

As it happens, she's spent her first full day cleaning, top to bottom. All the windows are open, letting in a glorious cross-breeze and carrying out the last, lingering smells of cleaning supplies. She pulls the bandanna down from over her hair and leans against the windowsill, looking out toward the sea.
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Ruin hadn't been here much, either. Duty had called him away, and away he'd stayed until it was done.

Now, he steps in through the front door, knowing his wife was there, and he inhales, a small smirk curving his lips. He slowly wanders through the rooms until he finds her, and then he simply watches her for a short time. The stitches Skill had put in his head still hurt like fuck, but he allows this rare moment of peace to fill him.

Damn, she was gorgeous, even after cleaning all day.
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Ruin chuckles.

"He asked my professional opinion." He shrugs. "Guess he didn't much like it."
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"She should."

His arm whips out and pulls her against him.

"He didn't like me speaking of Random."
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"Someone had to."

His hand clenches and releases at her back.

"You know, he has certain notions in his head, Legs. Can't say I like them much."
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"I suppose what I care most about," he murmurs, looking down into her eyes, "are what notions you have about yourself. 'Bout us."
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Ruin leans against the wall, settling her comfortably against him.

"You fucking other people doesn't hurt me, Legs. You loving other people doesn't much ruffle my feathers, either." After all, they had established such rules in the church days after they'd married. "What's twisting my nut is, whether you come back to me at the end of the day because you want or because you think you have to."
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A smug smile quirks his lips.

"Don't you ever tell him what he said had me worried. I might have to spank you then."
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"You know me so well."

He leans in, as if to kiss her, but stopped just before their lips touch.

"I was only somewhat worried I might have to fight him for ya," he whispers.
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Ruin feels an odd sense of relief.


He covers her mouth with his, groping her ass as he slid his tongue between her lips.
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"Don't think I could ever tire of this," he murmurs between kisses. "Always did like the feel of you."

He punctuates his words by another firm squeeze of her backside.
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"Mmm. Now, the question is do I pin you to the wall or do I try to be a romantic gentleman and take you upstairs to the bedroom?" His hands slide under her shirt, his nails scratching over her back.
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"Well." His finger rides up her spine, tugs at the shirt. "I could shove you to the wall, and the take you up to bed." He nips at her lower lip. "Never said I had only one round in me, Legs."
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He grins.

"I also know all about yours."

Ruin swaps their positions, pressing her to the wall as he bites and sucks at her throat.

"Just didn't want you to think I'd gone soft already."

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