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At first glance, room M16 looks like a well-furnished hotel room, but not terribly personalized. Sharp eyes, however, might spot the postcard wedged in the frame of the mirror, or the rifle under the bed.

"Here we are," she says. "Home sweet home."
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He sees the postcard and doesn't bother to investigate; he's pretty single-minded when it comes to women. He casts his eyes over the place for about three seconds, then turns with a smile and closes in on her, sliding his hands onto her waist.

'You live here?'
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'I'll take your word for it.'

His interest in the place can wait, he's more interested in kissing her right now. Which he does.

He's not as careful as when he's older; more insistent, rougher. The shape of things to come, perhaps.
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He's smirking as he pulls back, nails on his jaw bodes well for a good night. Or few hours anyway.

'Cat, huh? Well, you can scratch my back all you like.'

He's unbuckling his belt, looking at her like he might just eat her up whole.
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He casts an appreciative eye over her chest and kicks his boots off, lets his jeans drop to the floor.

'What's that?'

He nods at the scar, obviously not bothered by it but a little curious. His hands are flicking open the button on her pants and he's already leaning in to kiss her again.
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'Looks like it was fun,' he says, pushing her trousers down over her hips and kissing her again, walking her backwards until they hit the door.

Yeah, that habit started a while ago.
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He presses her up against the wood, grabbing a leg and lifting it so he can meld their bodies together properly. He's brash, this young guy, and tends to assume women are there to be put where he wants them to be. The control turns him on, he's already hard and making sure she knows it by pushing against her and rolling his hips a little.
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'You don't seem to care.'

He takes one of her hands and pushes it down into his jeans, staring her in the eye for a beat or two before returning that nip and then turning it into another hard kiss. He's also pulling at her underwear, not wanting to pull away and have her take it off properly but also wanting it out of the way.

'Seems to me like the harder I stick it to you, the better you'll like it.'
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A corner of his mouth turns up in something that's somewhere between a smirk and a leer.

'I say whatever I like to all the girls.'

He finds the seam of her underwear and just rips down it, it's quicker than messing around. Her hand tells him she knows what she's doing, not that he really doubted it.

'But I'm sure you can think of better things to do with your mouth.'
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A small, appreciative noise comes from his mouth and the leer gets bigger as he feels her teeth. His hand slaps at her hip hard; she wants to inflict pain she can have some back.

'I like a woman with imagination.'

Probing with his fingers now, slipped under the cloth of her torn panties and finding her clit with the pad of his thumb. Nice and gentle for now.
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It's more than likely not true, that statement - Ramon (especially at this age) likes women who don't open their mouths and comply with what he wants. But then, he's never really met any that don't, especially after he's smacked them around a bit. Mary Anne's attitude is proving quite a revelation; he's finding he's enjoying himself.

He kisses her as he slips a couple of fingers into her, wanting her ready for him. Her hand is tight on him, feels good but he knows it's going to get better as he moves firmly in her, driving rhythmically into her g-spot to see what reaction he'll get.
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The sudden increase in pressure takes him by surprise and his breath catches too, then his face splits into a wide grin.

'Like this?'

Slower, another finger pushed in and much firmer, a steady pace that drives relentlessly on to where she seems to want it.
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He's smiling when she kisses him, pleased at her reaction. He gets bored quickly though at this age and hasn't learnt yet that he should really pay the most attention to what a woman wants.

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He no doubt needs it, not that he thinks that obviously.

His eyes fall closed for a brief second at the feel of that hand, then he steps back and kicks them off; they're quickly followed by his shorts. He keeps eye contact with her as he does - he's proud of his body, knows he looks good. Then he heads to the bed, sitting on the edge and smirking at her.

'Why don't you show me what your mouth can do?'
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He snorts a laugh at 'sweetheart' and his hand rests on the back of her head, pushing it lightly, but inexorably, downwards.

'Don't put up much of a fight, do you?'

Women in his time are less keen on blowjobs, unless you're paying them of course. It's one of the main reasons he hates Catholicism. It makes every puta so uptight about things that make him feel good.
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He laughs, not removing his hand from her head.

'Not until you've finished with this,' he nods downwards, smirking, 'but maybe afterwards if you feel like it.'
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He lets out a long breath, threading his fingers in her hair.

'Don't I seem like the type that would like it?'

He totally doesn't, from women. Or at least, he doesn't think he does - he hasn't really met any that would dare attempt it.
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It comes out as a long, exhaled breath and he relaxes back against the wall, head tilted back and eyes closing. His hands stay in her hair, just in case she gets any ideas about stopping but he does look at her after a while, a little breathless.

'You provide a good view.'

Great ass. And back, for that matter. Great body all over.
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She'll probably hear the soft, contented groan that her mouth pulls from him; she'll definitely feel the way his fingers tighten, then relax, on her head.

'Yeah, like that. Do that again.'

She can do that all damn night, if she likes.
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One thing she'll no doubt notice pretty soon - he's a selfish bastard. He doesn't know she knows him in thirty years time so feels little compunction to be nice. He's quite happy to let her do this for as long as she wants to and the litany of soft, relaxed noises coming from him coupled with the way he's rocking up into her mouth will show how much he appreciates what she's doing.
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