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After sending a prayer of thanks to whoever installed the lift, Mary Anne shuffles down the hall towards her room. The wig has finally succumbed to the laws of physics and is tilting precariously. She's holding it on with one hand, if only because she doesn't want to accidently trip over it.

Finally, she slumps in relief against the doorframe, knocking twice. "Give a girl a hand?"
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She lets him sleep until dawn. Again, no one comes through in the night and it's just as well. Her attention kept shifting between her dream and Julian.

She stretches slowly, watching him. They could go back to the tunnels today, maybe; see if their handiwork was still there or if the bodies had been removed. See where the other passages led.

She reaches a hand out, hesitates for a moment, then places it lightly on his shoulder. "Hey," she murmurs. "Time to go." She just hopes he isn't one of those people (warriors) who wakes up ready to kill whatever is in range.
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The rain stops around dawn. No one else tried to come through in the night; Mary Anne was disappointed. She never did actually sleep, which she'll correct later, but for now she's awake and alert.

After a quick breakfast, she shoulders her gear. "Thought we'd do a little exploring--there's a spot to the southwest I've been meaning to check out. Alright with you?"
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Once the door is closed, Mary Anne takes a moment to reorient herself. It's late afternoon, which thankfully leaves them a few hours of daylight. And the rain might even hold off until they can get settled for the night. At least something looks like it's going to be cooperative.

She starts heading south, motioning for Julian to follow. "There's an outpost not too far from here where we can pick up rations. We shouldn't have to worry about trip wires or sentries this far out--I'll let you know when we get closer."


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